What is a DSC NOTES Provider?

DSC NOTES Providers share a copy of their class notes with a student with a disability who is unable to take their own notes. A DSC NOTES Provider is currently enrolled in the class and is responsible for uploading notes to the assigned UCI webfiles folder within 2 hours of class. All shared DSC NOTES are uploaded to an assigned UCI webfiles folder. DSC NOTES Providers are volunteers who may select a form of recognition, which includes:  Community Service Hours or a nominal fee/stipend ($35/unit).

Who will I be sharing notes with?

You will provide notes to one or more students with a disability that are currently enrolled in your class. The Student who will receive your notes may have disabilities ranging from a broken hand, hearing and visual impairments, attention and learning disorders or other functional or medical disabilities.

DSC NOTES Providers should respect the confidentiality of students. DSC will never disclose what impairment or disability the student receiving your notes has, nor should you ever ask the student. 

What classes will I be providing notes for?

If selected as a DSC Notes Provider you will share a copy of your notes for one or more of the classes that you are currently enrolled in.

Application Process

1. Submit your course availability by completing the online note provider application. (Click on the "Sign Up" button below.)

2. If a DSC Notes Provider is needed for one or more of your courses the DSC Notes Coordintaor will contact you and ask you to submit a sample of your lecture notes as well as a completed employee data information sheet.

3. If you are identified to be a DSC Notes Provider for your course, after review of your sample notes, the DSC Notes coordinator will contact you to schedule a brief meeting to review the DSC Notes Provider agreement form and responsibilites of a DSC Notes Provider.

*NOTE: In an effort to provide notes to DSC students as soon as possible, DSC assigns note providers on a first come first serve basis. As such, please be timely in your submission of course availability and your sample notes (if requested). DSC only needs 1 note provider per course.


Your notes must be organized, legible, and thorough. Below are samples of notes and the rubric that will be used to evaluate potential note providers. Any notes that fall below DSC expectations will not be selected.


1- Unacceptable 2- Satisfactory (Acceptable) 3- Advanced
Organization No evidence of notes that are organized, orderly, etc. Shows organization; has structure, yet still a little cluttered Clear evidence of organized structure, organized logically and effectively
Legibility Not legible Mostly legible Neat and completely legible
Content Shows no effort to relate to the topic, little main ideas, no examples Notes primarily relate to the topic, some main ideas, some examples Notes relate to the topic and show main ideas, enough examples
Keywords/Facts Lacks clarity and shows no effort to display keywords and facts Effective explanation of keywords and facts; may lack some clarity Thorough explanation of keywords and facts

Below are PDF examples of the high quality of notes DSC expects from DSC NOTES providers.

Sample Notes 1
Sample Notes 2
Sample Notes 3
Sample Notes 4

sign up to be a DSC NOTES provider

Please note that DSC will contact you if there is a student requesting DSC NOTES for a class you're enrolled in.

DSC Notes Coordinator: Jenna Roberts