Incoming Graduate Student Registration

Incoming graduate students with disabilities, who have returned their Statement of Intent to Register (SIR), should notify the Disability Services Center of their need for academic or housing accommodations as soon as possible.

1. Complete the online registration form. In the final text box, indicate your program start date and/or if you are a student with physical disability who requires unique housing modifications.

2. DSC documentation forms will be sent to you via e-mail after completing the Online Registration Form.

3. Submit forms to your healthcare professional for completion then return to DSC via mail, hand delivery or fax at (949) 824-3083.

4. DSC will contact you to schedule an appointment with your counselor to meet with you regarding your disability. Most graduate students will meet with DSC after June 19, 2017.

5. Meet with your Disability Counselor to discuss your needs and accommodations.

We look forward to meeting with you!