Conversion/Alternate Media Services Agreement

  1. Eligibility of CAM services will be determined by a DSC Counselor and the Media Specialist and is based in part by certified medical documentation provided by the student.

  2. CAM services need to be requested EACH QUARTER. One CAM Request Form per class is required to be completed before any material is provided in alternate format(s).

  3. Students requesting course materials in alternate formats must provide DSC with proof of ownership of the course materials in the form of a purchase receipt or an affidavit of ownership before alternately formatted course material is to be distributed to the student.

    Note: Students opting to receive conversion services of rented course books must delete converted materials once the rental period of the book has expired. Not adhering to this policy leaves student open to copyright infringement litigation.

  4. Requests for alternately formatted course material(s) will be provided on a case-by-case basis. DSC will make every reasonable effort to provide CAM services in the student’s preferred format, however due to limited time and resources specific to course restraints DSC’s Media Specialist reserves the right to provide CAM requests in other formats to ensure timely provision of request(s).

  5. CAM Request Forms are now online at and must be submitted in accordance to the CAM Timeline for Quarterly Requests (available at the DSC website each academic year). Failure to comply with the deadlines established for each academic quarter will result in the provision of CAM requests at the discretion of DSC’s Media Specialist in a reasonable amount of time for CAM production (approximately 3-7 working days).

  6. Approximate CAM production process requires at least (3) three working days and up to (7) seven working days to be completed. DSC will make every reasonable effort to provide CAM requests in this time period.

  7. The course material provided in alternate format(s) is for sole use by the DSC student who makes the CAM request. Students receiving CAM services are not permitted to reproduce and/or distribute alternate media provided by DSC. Any unauthorized reproduction and/or distribution of CAM requests will result in disciplinary action by UC Irvine.

  8. Any questions, comments, concerns and/or suggestions regarding CAM services are to be directed to the Media Specialist at DSC who may be contacted by phone at 949-824-7494, or email at

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