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Mailing Address:
Disability Services Center
UC Irvine
100 Disability Services, Building 313
Irvine, CA 92697-5130
Voice: 949-824-7494
TTY: 949-824-6272
Fax: 949-824-3083
Email: dsc@uci.edu


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*All DSC Staff can be reached at 949-824-7494, or via email at dsc@uci.edu

Disability Specialist
- Amy Cramer (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) - cramera@uci.edu

Assistant Director - Gavin Keller, M.A.

Senior Disability Specialist - Lisha Higuchi, M.Ed. higuchil@uci.edu

Director - Jan Serrantino, Ed. D. jserrant@uci.edu

Accommodations Coordinator - Christian Medero cmedero@uci.edu - Tempory Students, DSC Administrative Manager, Ring Road Rides, Programming, Student Assistants.

Accommodations Coordinator - Lisa Oldag lisaeo@uci.edu - Test Proctoring Services, Notetaking and DSC Administrative Manager.

Senior Disability Specialist - Lork K. Palmerton, M.S.

Media Specialist - Jeremy Wyatt
jwyatt@uci.edu - Ring Road Rides (DSC Transportation-- DSC Referral Only). Conversion & alternate media services.

Adaptive/Information Technology (AT/IT) Coordinator - Robert Espero
dsc@uci.edu - adaptive computing technology (support & training), distance learning, accessible electronic communication, web/data administration.

Counseling Center Psychologist Liaison - Dr. Diana Chan (Monday & Friday only)
dianamc@uci.edu - Counsels DSC students (by referral of DSC Specialist)

Psy.D. Assessment Intern Student - Rosemary Healy (Monday & Tuesday AM and Friday all day only)
rhealy1@uci.edu - Counsels DSC students (by referral of Disability Specialisti)

Psy.D. Assessment Intern Student - Amy Weir ((Monday & Tuesday AM and Friday all day only)
aweir@uci.edu - Psychoeducational and other assessments.

American Sign Language Interpreters
Tricia Monteforte
Shawn Sanderson
Jessica Sipes
Hannah Smith
Rena Thayer

Real-Time Captioners
Ann Bryant
Dustin Huffer
Eunyong Kim
Joanna Kostapapas
Marcia McEntee
Peachy Nicodemus
Barbara Niles

Student Assistants
Melissa Avila
Zachary Chan
Anthony Gibson
Emily Guild
Giselle Guro
Reyna Lanzas
Jeanette Lee
Brian Liang
Addy Macias
Lizette Morales
Aivy Ngo
Rachel Schell
Nicole Taylor
Dana Thomas
Nikki Trafas
Kyle Wong

Media/IT Assistant
Johnny Chu

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**URGENT: California State Budget Proposal (01/11/2011)

Adaptive/Information Technology Blog - AT/IT Coordinator, Robert Espero's blog on recent technology trends containing articles, discussions, resources and more.

Alternate Media Spotlight - Media Specialist, Jeremy Wyatt's blog on conversion/alternate media trends, technologies and techniques.

Dean of Students IT - Technical Support information for DOS unit focused projects.

  • DSC Database Wiki - documentation and reporting of ARF, NARF, and Notetaker Application online requests and database.FERPA-HIPAA Guide

FERPA-HIPAA GUIDE - Resource for comparsion between FERPA and HIPAA related documentation.

Oracle Calendar - (http://calendar.uci.edu) view calendars for campus staff & meetings.

PELCO Surveillance Cameras - DSC security and testing surveillance cameras.

Text Messages
- Sending from PC to mobile device (free). Used by DSC Staff to send SMS messages to DHH and other students in DSC.

UCI Replay - service provided by the Office of Information Technology to facilitate the recording and sharing of classes, seminar presentations, short tutorial segments, and any other material which can be displayed on a computer screen with accompanying audio.

Web Accessibility Blog - AT/IT Coordinator, Robert Espero's web accessibility blog that includes recent articles, issues and points of discussion.

Webmail (https://webmail.uci.edu) - view email in web-interfaced format

Webfiles (https://webfiles.uci.edu) - upload and download files to the campus server