Testing FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding testing accommodations. If you have a question that is not answered below, or if you would like further information, please call (949.824.7494) or email (dsctesting@uci.edu) us and we will be happy to address any question or concern with you.

How do I get notified when a student enrolled in my class is eligible for testing accommodations?

You will receive a "Faculty Notification Letter" by email from DSC confirming the student's registration with our office and their testing accommodation. You will also receive an email with the link to the online "Exam Information Form" for you to fill out to provide us with your exam information.

I am concerned about exam security? How will DSC handle my exam?

DSC handles all exams with respect and care for the security and confidentiality of the exam. Exams received by DSC are secured in an envelope designated for the student registered to take the exam with us and locked in a file cabinet until the exam is to be administered.

Prior to beginning their exam at DSC, students are required to sign an Academic Honesty Slip. DSC testing rooms are monitored by video camera surveillance in addition to staff monitoring the rooms through windows. Any unusual activity or irregularity will be reported to the instructor when the exam is returned.

After the student finishes the exam it is secured back in its envelope along with any scratch paper or approved notes (only if allowed on the exam). The exam is then secured for instructor pick-up, returned by courier as specified or scanned and emailed to the email/emails designated by the instructor.

I cannot login to the "Instructor Course Administration" page. It says I have "NO ACCESS". How do I resolve this?

Please email (dsctesting@uci.edu)  or call our office (949.824.7494) and we will be happy to troubleshoot the problem with you. If you are a graduate student and/or TA, DSC will need to manually enter you into the system. If you are an instructor and cannot login there it might be an error with our database identifying your UCInet ID.

Where do I email my exam?

Email exams by sending them to dsctesting@uci.edu. This is a secure email account that is accessible only to the DSC Testing Coordinator. 

There has been a change made to my exam. How do I notify DSC?

Exam changes may be directed to our Testing Coordinator, Scott Serrantino, dsctesting@uci.edu. Or you may call DSC at 949.824.7494 and ask to speak with Scott.

I do not believe the student's testing accommodation is appropriate. Am I allowed to change their accommodation for my course?

No. Under no circumstances do instructors have the authority to determine or change a student’s accommodations or request disability documentation.

The Disability Services Center staff is always willing to address any questions or concerns regarding the provision of accommodations; however, not adhering to the designated procedures can result in serious ramifications (i.e. from the Office of Civil Rights) and even includes being considered personally liable for discriminatory actions in litigation.

Faculty members as employed by the university are not independent contractors and as such must assist the university in fulfilling its compliance obligations.

Testing accommodations are determined and approved by the student's Disability Specialist. Reasonable accommodations are provided to allow the student’s knowledge of the material be tested rather than their disability, not to provide an unfair advantage. For more information about testing accommodations please see Why Testing Accommodations.